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Understanding the Craigslist Prostitution Debate

What is Craig’s List?

Craig’s List is a website eponymously titled for the website’s creator; this website is typically free of charge with regard to its users, which are allowed to both post and respond to classified advertisements and requests existing within a virtual setting. Akin to a ‘Classifieds’ section in a newspaper or periodical, individual users are permitted to both post and respond to advertisements whose content includes employment opportunities, interpersonal connection services – ranging from romantic to casual relationships, and the request and sales of personal objects.

What is the Craig’s List Prostitution Debate?

However, in the beginning of 2011, Craig’s List came under heavy scrutiny as a result of the discovery of the corpses of several females on Gilgo Beach on Long Island, New York; although investigations are still pending, the females were believed to be solicited as a result of Craig’s List Prostitution. Although neither condoned nor allowed by the Craig’s List website, Craig’s List Prostitution has become a rising concern to the illicit use of online services with regard to the proliferation of prostitution; individuals both illegally offering and soliciting prostitution through the use of the Craig’s List website do so upon undertaking clandestine methods – this methods typically include coded language alerting potential clients of these types of services.

Craig’s List Prostitution and Legality

As previously mentioned, Craig’s List does not condone or allow these types of services to be made available through use of its website; however, the deceptive measures undertaken by Craig’s List Prostitution endeavors have allowed for difficulty with regard to both the identification, as well as the investigation of such practices. The vast expanse of the Craig’s List website, which hosts millions of classified advertisements, creates a virtually-limitless collection of potential unlawful activities.

Craig’s List Prostitution and Profitability

Reports have stated that sexual activity both offered and solicited on the Craig’s List website provide for upwards of 30% of profits rendered by the website.

Craig’s List Prostitution and Constitutionality

Regardless of the potential Craig’s List Prostitution that is available on the website, the Craig’s List administration maintains a ‘censor-free’ approach to its posts and advertisements with the exception of blatantly illegal or harmful activity. As a result, the ambiguity surrounding Craig’s List Prostitution, which has been advertised as ‘escort services’ or ‘activity partners’ has resulted in a difficulty within any definitive identification of prostitution. However, as a result of the controversy surrounding Craig’s List Prostitution, the Craig’s List website administration has taken the following measures:

Although the website is free of charge with regard to bulk of its advertisements, Craig’s List mandates a fee for individuals offering services or activities that may be suspected of Craig’s List Prostitution; this not only allows for the ability to track these individuals through financial records, but also serves as a deterrence for those not wishing to be identified in their respective participation

The Craig’s List Website allows full cooperation with regard to law enforcement with regard to the provision of information and case details involving activities suspected of facilitating illegal and unlawful activity