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What are Hookers?

What are ‘Hookers’?

Prostitutes, which are commonly referred to by their colloquial title ‘Hookers’, are defined as individuals engaging in the active and purposeful solicitation of sexual activity in exchange for economic gain, which may vary depending upon specific circumstances; economic gain particular to prostitutes of ‘Hookers’ will typically range from money to possessions – prostitution activity undertaken by prostitutes of ‘Hookers’ may include the engagement in intercourse, penetration, or copulation. Currently, upwards of 40 million prostitutes are reported on an international level.

The Meaning of the Word ‘Hooker’

In the beginning of the 19th Century in New York City, the area of the Lower East Side was considered to be a haven for prostitutes and ‘Hookers’; this term is considered to be a direct result from this location. ‘Corlear’s Hook’ – an area residing on the shore of the East River within the Lower East Side of Manhattan was identified as a location in which bulk of prostitutes resided and operated. As a result, prostitutes were deemed ‘Hookers’, as a result of an alteration of the area’s titular name ‘The Hook’.

Types of Prostitutes and ‘Hookers’

Both the nature of prostitution, as well as the specification and identities latent within individual prostitutes and ‘Hookers’ will typically vary in nature, methodology, and measures undertaken. In certain cases, prostitution will take place in covert and clandestine operations and undertakings; in other circumstances, ‘Hookers’ or prostitutes will openly – and outwardly – solicit customers on plain sight:

Human trafficking and sexual slavery is an act comprised of the forced involvement or individuals within prostitution, which is a subgenre within the overarching prostitution industry; human trafficking – through the use of threats, violence, and exploitation will force individuals to become prostitutes or ‘Hookers’ through illicit, unethical, and illegal means in direct violation of human rights

A Brothel is defined as structured, organized commercial operation in which prostitutes or ‘Hookers’ provide illegal services to clientele who are made aware of such an operation

Solicitation vs. Entrapment

Upon prostitutes or ‘Hookers’ undergoing the solicitation of such illegal sexual activity, the associated criminal charge can include both prostitution and solicitation, which is defined as the criminal activity involving the attempt to coerce other individuals into the participation of criminal activity:

However, entrapment is defined as the coercion of an individual to engage in a crime, which is typically undertaken by a law enforcement agent

Criminal investigations targeting prostitutes or ‘Hookers’ – as well as the individuals who patronize their services may be enacted as a law enforcement agents posing as prostitutes or ‘Hookers’ in order to apprehend these individuals; in such circumstances, the law enforcement agent will be required to identify themselves when asked by the participatory individual

Prostitution in the United States

Prostitutes or ‘Hookers’ engaging in activity may be charged with either felonies or misdemeanors in the event of a conviction; this will be contingent upon the case details surrounding the individual activity; in the United States, prostitution is considered to be illegal. Yet, within the state of Nevada, 5 counties currently allow for the legal undertaking of prostitution – Clark County, Washoe County, Carson City, Douglas County, and Lincoln County.